We Make Attractive, Easy-to-Use Websites

Content-Managed Websites

Content-managed sites are great for clients who want to minimize maintenance costs while being able to update and edit their own content. Our content management system of choice is Squarespace. Its advantages are many, including ease of use, meaning many clients are comfortable updating their own sites. Squarespace also provides responsive design, meaning your content will display optimally on computers, tablets and phones alike.

Here are a few of our favorite content-managed sites:

We have designed and built high-quality, affordable websites for many types of clients, including academics, artists, non-profits, and a wide array of small businesses.

Traditional Websites

While many clients are choosing content-managed sites, many are still choosing for a traditional approach, where a custom design is hand-built in HTML/CSS. This approach provides the most design flexibility but doesn't offer the self-maintenance option of a content system. Not to worry! Maintaining your website is easy and affordable.

Here are some of our favorite traditional websites:


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